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Investing in the lives of young women through one on one mentoring


A mentoring program for young women ages teen – twenties. 

We provide online study programs & one on one mentoring that helps to equip and encourage young women to grow and become all they were created to be.

Our entire program is free 

to the young women who enroll in our program. 

We depend on the provisions from our faithful supporters to continue this life changing program.

If you know of young women who can benefit from this program please have them contact us. 

Prayers and donations are greatly appreciated.

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Q. & A. Message From Executive Director

Mission Statement

At Priceless Pearls Academy our mission is to restore the legacy we were endowed with by our Creator.

Investing in the future of families by investing in the lives of young women through mentoring.

Inspiring young women by coming along beside them to provide encouragement, education, equipping, eternal values, ethics, etiquette and much more.

Equipping Young Women To Be Successful

 Confidence, Respect & Self esteem

 Positive Body Image

 Health & wellness

 Peer Pressure – Bullying

 Leadership

 Public Speaking

 Social Media

 Non-violent Conflict Resolution

 Healthy emotions & relationships

 Establishing boundaries

 Gaining Respect

 Responsibility

 Organization & Goal Setting

 Financial Literacy

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