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Finding Your Crown

You are a very special and unique person with so much to offer. 

There is a grander plan for your life than you may have realized. 

In this lesson you will discover the strengths that you already possess and get more clarity about who you are and your life's purpose. 

So enjoy the journey to finding yourself and your crown.

This link will take to you one of the favorite personality tests on the web today.  You will learn things about yourself you may not have realized until they are pointed out to you. Remember there are no wrong answers and honesty is very important  to give you the most accurate results. 

This test will give you some helpful ideas about what kind of career or occupation you might enjoy.

This link will take you to an outside website that offers a free strengthsfinder survey. They also sell more in depth tests.  For now just take the free one.

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We have worked very hard to make this a very enjoyable course for all ages. If you have any questions or a special need please don't hesitate to let me know.  Best way to contact me is via text or email. I will respond as quickly as possible.  Contact your mentor to schedule appointment and fill out the completion quiz.  

Sincerely,  Deborah Nelms

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